Features To Consider When Having A Water Pump System Installed

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While the concept of a water pump is ages old and the fundamentals of drawing water up haven't changed a lot over the centuries, the pumps today are far more advanced than those of long ago. Here are features of modern water pumps to consider if you're having a water pump system installed in a home or another building.

The Power of the System

The power of a water pump system can be measured in two ways. The two ways are related to one another, but they're both important to check when you're selecting a system.

First, the power of the pump itself is measured in horsepower. Horsepower is the most relevant unit of power because the pump normally runs at a constant speed and has a regular force that it must apply when the pump is on. Torque isn't as applicable because the pump doesn't have periods of light workloads and heavy workloads. The pump is simply on and working or off.

Second, the power of the system as a whole is measured via flow rate. Flow rate is normally measured in gallons per minute, although commercial applications with extremely high rates might use larger units of measure. A flow rate of 5 gallons per minute would send 5 gallons of water through a system every minute.

Flow rate is used instead of water pressure because water pressure can be affected by the nozzle that water exits a faucet from. A narrow nozzle and a wide nozzle will produce very different water pressures with the same flow rate -- the narrow nozzle will have higher pressure. Because it eliminates the variable of the nozzle, flow rate is a more accurate measurement.

The horsepower of a pump will impact the flow rate of a system for a stronger pump will force more water through a system. Other factors, like the pipe size and the distance water is moved, can also affect flow rate, though. You'll want an overall flow rate that's suitable for your building, and a water pump system installation provider can help you determine what's suitable.

The Material Components Are Made From

Several different materials might be used for different components in a water pump system. For instance, PVC, copper and other metals might all be used.

When installing components that will be outdoors and exposed to the elements, make sure you choose materials that can withstand temperature changes and precipitation.

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10 April 2020

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