Some Choices To Make When You Have Cedar Wood Fencing Installed


If you want an attractive privacy fence for your backyard, you can choose wood or vinyl. If a natural look is important, then wood is probably what you'll prefer. Cedar is an excellent choice in wood fencing because it has an attractive appearance and it is a hard wood that is more durable than softer pine. Here are some choices you have when installing new cedar fencing.

The Material For The Posts

You can build your fence with cedar posts, but you can also have the fence installed with pressure-treated lumber posts or steel posts. Cedar has oils in it that make it repel moisture and that keeps away bugs. That's why cedar posts can safely be sunk in the ground. However, if you want assurance your posts won't rot while they're out of sight in the ground, then talk to your fence installer about using steel or pressure-treated posts in a way that won't detract from the appearance of the fence.

The Grade Of Cedar Lumber

Cedar has different color variations and knot patterns, depending on the grade. Clear grade comes from the heart of the tree and has a uniform color and very few knots. However, it is also quite expensive and not used that often for fencing. Instead, you'll get to choose from two other grades. The #1 grade is close to the heart of the tree, so it has few color variations and the knots are small and tight. The #2 grade is from the outer portion of the tree. It has the most color variation and more knots, and some of the knots can be large. The #2 grade of cedar is the most affordable option, so you can make your choice based on budget or appearance.

The Stain Used On The Fence

One decision you'll need to make before you have your new cedar wood fence installed is if you'll have it stained or if you want it to take on a weathered appearance. Cedar usually has an attractive red color, so you may want to preserve its beauty by staining the wood. The stain protects the fence from weathering so it maintains its natural color rather than fade to gray over time. Talk to your fence installer about the right time to stain the fence. You may need to let the wood dry out before you can have stain applied, but you don't want to wait too long or the fence may start to discolor.

If you don't want the bother of applying stain to your fence over the course of its life, then you can let the cedar develop a gray patina from UV and weather exposure. One advantage of staining the fence is that it helps the cedar have a longer life. Cedar fencing is durable and has a long life anyway, and when you stain it, you can get even more years of life out of the fence.


7 August 2019

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