4 Reasons To Invest In Hardwood Refinishing With Your Rental Property


As the owner of a rental property, you may manage the rental in a way to maximize rental income over the long run. However, your intentions do not mean that you know the ideal method for everything related to maintenance, repairs, and improvements on the inside and outside.

If you have hardwood flooring that looks worn down and will have a hard time impressing potential renters, you should opt for hardwood refinishing for several reasons. 

1. Eliminate Wear and Tear

The most important reason to invest in refinishing is so that you can eliminate all the wear and tear that has built up on the surface. Solid hardwood is thick enough that you can refinish the flooring on more than a few occasions without having to worry about serious complications.

Even if the past renters have made floor scratches of all sizes ranging from microscopic to somewhat large, you should feel confident about removing them with refinishing alone. This will make it a lot easier to take impressive photos that you can use to put up rental home listings.

2. Minimal Downtime

When you replace the flooring in your home, you should expect the process to take a decent amount of time, especially when you are replacing hardwood flooring. Unfortunately, this means that you need to refrain from marketing the rental throughout this entire experience.

By minimizing downtime with your rental, you will maximize potential rental income in a single year because you will not have to miss out on several weeks that could be generating income.

3. Maximize Lifespan

Although refinishing hardwood will reduce how many times you are able to refinish it in the future, you should feel confident about maximizing the lifespan with this service. If you installed the flooring as the property owner and you have not refinished it before, you can look forward to refinishing it any time the flooring looks extremely worn down throughout your entire life.

Solid hardwood is capable of handling so many refinishes that you do not need to worry about wearing it down with refinishing to the point that it needs to be replaced completely.

4. Prepare for Staining

As rental trends change, you may be interested in changing the look of the flooring. After getting this service, you will have clean flooring that is ready to take staining. Although you may only be changing one feature, going with a new stain can have a huge impact on the look of your rental.

Refinishing the hardwood flooring in your rental is worthwhile for more than a few reasons.


2 April 2019

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