Preventing Water & Humidity Damage At Home

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An important responsibility of every homeowner is to prevent water from making it inside when it rains. The reason why is because water can cause a substantial amount of damage in various ways that can completely destroy a house, especially if prompt repairs are not made. You must keep in mind that water doesn't have to make direct contact with anything to cause damage. It is actually possible for water to create a high level of humidity in your house that leads to damage being done, which usually begins with mold growth. If you are interested in learning about a few of the ways that you can make your house waterproof, continue reading this article.

Waterproof The Basement Exterior

The basement is a part of a house that can accumulate a lot of water in a speedy manner if it isn't waterproofed. You can end up in a situation in which the basement is too flooded for you to even walk into it. To prevent such a situation, it is wise to contact a company for exterior waterproofing to make it difficult for water to come inside. The contractor will be able to apply a membrane around the foundation so water will not be able to get through when it rains. Keep in mind that the ground around the foundation might have to be excavated so the contractor can complete the task.

Wash Away Algae Spores On The Roof

If you have noticed algae spores on your roof but don't see any harm, it is actually a problem that should be a big concern. Algae spores are actually detrimental to a roof, especially if there are asphalt shingles on it. The reason why is because algae spores are actually able to consume limestone, which is one of the materials that are in asphalt shingles. Once the limestone begins being consumed, the shingles can fall into a condition that prevents them from being able to protect the roof deck from rainwater. The roof deck will be exposed to outside elements that can cause it to deteriorate and allow rainwater to get into your house.

Keep Your House Properly Ventilated

Ventilation is very important when it comes to protecting a house against water damage. The reason why is because something as simply as a small water leak in a plumbing line can cause high humidity in your house. If your house is properly ventilated, there will be a smaller risk of humidity rising to a high level and causing mold to grow.


13 February 2019

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