A Vinyl Deck Is A Durable And Attractive Option For Outdoor Summer Fun

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If you're planning a new deck for your home, one basic decision you must make is if you'll go with traditional wood or if you'll choose vinyl. Each material has its advantages, but if you're looking for a deck that needs little maintenance, then vinyl could be the way to go. Here are some benefits of vinyl decking when compared to wood.

Vinyl Doesn't Decompose Or Splinter

Wood holds onto moisture, and vinyl doesn't. The moisture can cause wood to slowly rot over time unless you keep up with time-consuming maintenance. Another problem with wood is that it splinters easily, and that can be bad for bare feet or for kids that crawl or play on the deck. When you choose a vinyl deck, look for one that's made of PVC vinyl, as this is a durable and high-quality material that resists damage. A third option in decking material is composite wood made from wood and plastic. Don't confuse this with vinyl, as it is different, and the plastic composite decking has a much shorter lifespan than vinyl.

Vinyl Decking Is Easy To Clean And Maintain

The main reason for choosing vinyl is its low maintenance requirements. You never have to paint or stain it, and since the vinyl doesn't rot or splinter due to insect damage, the deck will need very few repairs. Vinyl is an easy material to keep clean. You'll probably want to clean it at the start of the season by using a soft brush and mild soap solution. Stains can be removed with a vinyl cleaning product. A vinyl deck holds onto its original appearance for years, unlike a wood deck that will slowly turn gray if you don't apply stain every couple of years.

Vinyl Is Safe And Attractive

There are different brands of vinyl decking, so you can buy one that has the look you like best. Some decking planks are made to look just like wood in that they have a color and grain pattern that resembles real wood. Other decking materials may be white or another color. Look for planks with texture, so they aren't slick when wet, so the deck is safe for running kids and older relatives. While vinyl may have the appearance of wood, it does feel different than wood under your feet, so the difference between the two products is noticeable.

Vinyl decking from a company like the one represented at http://www.premierfence.com could be the perfect choice for you. f you want the look of wood but you don't want to spend time working on the deck every summer, then vinyl is an excellent alternative. Plus, it's attractive and durable, so you get value for your investment.


2 January 2019

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