Flooring Trends For 2019 And Beyond | Color, Pattern, And Texture

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If there is any specific trend for 2019, it is that anything goes. From color to pattern to texture, there are plenty of options to fit everyone's tastes, needs, and budget while still allowing for individuality. Homeowners no longer have to choose between boring and beige. 

1. Distressed: Hardwood flooring is a perennial favorite and continues to be -- with a twist. After decades of perfect gleaming wood floors, consumers now want to rough things up. Reclaimed hardwoods from river beds and demolished barns look beautiful, offering both a rich patina and a distressed finish. Distressed finishes work in both country settings as well as traditional ones.  

2. Animal Prints: While the idea of leopard print carpet may conjure up images of the Rat Pack, Las Vegas, and a blackjack table, today's animal print carpets are anything, but dated. From cheetah to antelope, modern options allow for more freedom of expression in your flooring choices than ever before. 

3. Shag vs. Frieze: The shag carpet of the 1970s is back with a vengeance and better than ever. Carpet manufacturers have re-branded it with a new name, frieze (pronounced like frisee lettuce), and homeowners are loving it. The longer pile requires more maintenance to prevent it from looking matted, but the extra work is proving to be well worth it. Frieze carpet works well in even the most traditional setting. 

4. Faux Stone: Laminate for the win. While most homeowners know that laminate flooring can mimic almost any wood flooring look that they are after, most do not realize that laminate flooring can also re-create the look of a stone floor. Being able to avoid the maintenance of a natural stone floor as well as the cost is a win-win. 

5. Patterns Galore: Patterns are hot right now in wall-to-wall carpet. From the tone on tone look of cut and loop carpeting to colorful plaids and beyond, homeowners love to pick just the right carpet for their room. While a pink, floral carpet, for example, may be a bit much for the entire first floor of a home, it can work great to anchor the design of a feminine study. The key is that nothing is too much or too over-the-top anymore. 

Design trends have been trending towards individuality and uniqueness for some time and will continue to do so in 2019 and beyond, particularly in flooring. Traditional hardwoods and plush carpets are tried and true, but new colors, patterns, and textures continue to excite homeowners who want to do express their own unique style. 


26 November 2018

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