Tips for Replacing the Old Damaged Metal Rain Gutters on Your House

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If your home's rain gutters are old and leaking, then it is important you replace them. The rain gutters on your home keep stormwater away from the home's foundation. They also prevent water from creating drainage channels in the landscaping around your home. 

If you have never installed metal rain gutters on a house before, then these tips will help the process go smoothly:

Tip: Buy a High-Quality Pair of Tin Snips or Sharpen Your Existing Pair

As you are custom fitting the rain gutter channel sections on your roof, you will need to cut them down to the right size. The best tool to use for this is a very sharp pair of tin snips. If you do not own a pair, then purchase a high-quality pair of tin snips at your local hardware store. If you already own a pair, then make sure you sharpen them so it will be easy to cut the gutters.

Tip: Put the Gutters Together on the Ground First

Since it is hard to fit together and trim long spans of gutters while you are on top of a ladder, take the time to do so on the ground before you attempt to install them. Once the rain gutters are the correct size, secure everything to the roof.

Tip: Never Install Rain Gutters without the Proper Drainage Slope

While it may seem like your home's rain gutters are level, they were actually installed with a gentle slope. The sloping allows water to drain out of the gutters and prevents water from sitting in them and weighing them down. Weighted gutters pull on the edge of the roof and can lead to premature roof damage.

When you install the replacement rain gutters on your home, make sure you properly slope them for water drainage. While the gutters don't need a lot of slope, they need enough to clear the water each time it rains.

Tip: Reconsider the DIY Project and Hire a Professional

In conclusion, it's important to note that proper rain gutter installation is vital to protecting your home's basement and foundation from water damage. For this reason, if you don't have any previous experience installing rain gutters, then you really should consider hiring a professional to do the job. Professional rain gutter installation contractors have all of the necessary tools and skills to install your home's replacement rain gutters quickly and correctly. 


9 October 2018

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