Causes Of Basement Wetness: Things You Might Not Have Thought Of And How To Fix Them

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Basements are weird things. Some can remain dry for years. Others are constantly wet. Basement waterproofing services can help, but it helps everyone involved to find out why your basement is wet to begin with. The following causes of wet basements are just a few things that homeowners forget to look for or fail to consider when dealing with this fairly common problem.

You Have Leaky Plumbing Somewhere

You would be surprised to learn how many homeowners are completely unaware of the fact that they have pipes in their basement that spring leaks every time they flush a toilet or run water in the sink or shower. Because you are not in the basement to see this happen when you use the facilities upstairs, you would not know it either. If the pipes also run above your ventilation ducts, it may be hard to uncover.

The water would first pool on top of the ductwork, and then flow off the sides or follow the ductwork to the end before dripping all over everything. To find out if you have leaky plumbing in the basement, have someone upstairs flush a toilet, or turn the water on in a sink or shower/tub, and then wait. If you see nothing, then move on to the next toilet, sink, or shower/tub to rule out plumbing as a cause of wet basement. You will need a plumber to fix the leaky pipes, if and when you find them.

Basement Floor Is Cracked

Cracks in your basement floor, no matter how small, will allow water up through the ground and into your basement. Luckily, you should be able to spot these cracks easily. A little fresh cement smeared across and/or into the cracks will fix this problem.

Part of Your Basement Used to Be a Cistern

Here is something that will throw you for a loop; part of your basement used to be a cistern. A cistern was a large holding tank for holding rainwater under your house. Ergo, this part of your basement is supposed to be wet and collect water. That is what it was designed to do! Previous owners of your home did some conversion work to prevent this part of the basement from continuing to be a cistern but did not complete the job. So, your basement continues to allow rainwater to enter, but the water flows everywhere uncontained. By hiring a basement waterproofing contractor, you can finish the conversion such that the old cistern becomes watertight and water is no longer allowed to seep into the basement.

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5 June 2018

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