3 Good Reasons To Replace All Windows During A Home Expansion Project

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It is logical to add onto your existing home instead of relocating in a lot of cases. However, expanding your home and making it bigger does take some careful consideration to ensure the addition blends well with the rest of the house. A lot of homeowners who are planning an addition will simply add new windows to the new space and keep the windows they have in place in the rest of the house. This can work in some situations, but there are other situations when it would be a better idea to replace all of the windows in the home at the same time. 

Replace all windows if the windows in the rest of the house are outdated. 

If you have older windows in the primary part of your house, it is usually best to go ahead with a full window replacement for the whole house if you will be adding an addition. You want your home to be as efficient as possible throughout, so adding brand new windows in the addition while having older windows in the rest of the house is not logical. Besides, when you buy windows for the whole home, you will likely get them for a better price because buying a few windows does not often fetch you the best deal with the window company. 

Replace all the windows if the older windows are no longer around. 

It is not uncommon for certain window manufacturers to go out of business with the passage of time. Therefore, if you have uniquely styled windows in the main part of your home, you may not be able to obtain matching windows for the addition very easily. If you cannot find windows from the same manufacturer or similar windows from a different manufacturer that will match, it can be best to install new windows in the whole house just for the sake of consistency. 

Replace all the windows if you want the most added value to your home. 

If you ever decide to sell your home after you have built an expansion, you should know that any buyer that looks at the house will be using a discerning eye. They will want to know that the addition that has been integrated fits right in with the rest of the house. So they will be closely looking at the smaller details, including the windows you have in both the new and older parts. 

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24 January 2018

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