When Should You Try A Custom Home Builder?

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Not liking anything you see on the real estate market? Sometimes, a custom home builder is the best route. Use the following criteria to determine whether a custom home is for you:

You Don't Mind the Suburbs

In many metro areas, vacant land is nearly impossible to find. So the first thing to consider is whether you are interested in living in the suburbs or in a less populated area. There's always the chance that you'll get lucky and find a coveted piece of land for sale, but most custom homes will be in more remote areas. 

You Are Willing to Pay a Little Extra

Buying new materials and building a home from scratch is more expensive than buying an older home. However, you get the benefits of completely new plumbing, electrical wiring, and structure. That could mean fewer maintenance calls for the amount of time you own the house. Plus, you get to say that you were the first tenants of your new home. No ghosts here!

You Have an Unconventional Family Setup or Housing Need

There may not be a house on the market that really meets your needs. Say you need six bedrooms and the houses in your area tend to have four, at most. Or, you want a living room and two separate office spaces for the parents to work in. Maybe you need a huge backyard, or you want an amazing upper deck. If you don't find houses like these in the city or town you want to be in, the next step is to start approaching a custom home builder about designing your dream home. 

You Want Something Designed By You

Buying a house is probably the most expensive investment most people will make. Therefore, it makes sense to have this investment be a complete expression of your personality, wants, and needs. Many home buyers purchase a home that was exactly what someone else wanted. Over time, they make it more suited to their own personality. But when you go through a home builder, you are making sure you live in the home that's exactly right for you. right from the start. 

No one can tell you whether a pre-owned home or a custom built home is best for you. Speak with a real estate agent and a custom home builder to get advice on what could be possible with either home option. Contact a company like David James Custom Homes for more information and assistance. 


4 October 2017

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