Remove Algae Stains From Vinyl Siding On Your Home And Reduce The Amount Of Staining That Occurs In The Future

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Vinyl siding that is exposed to moisture on a routine basis is prone to algae stains. If the siding on your house is covered with green streaks, chances are the stains are due to algae. Restore the appearance of your home's exterior by eliminating the algae stains with the steps listed below. Afterward, take precautions to reduce the amount of staining that you encounter in the future.

Materials You Will Need

  1. waterproof drop cloths
  2. bucket
  3. detergent
  4. oxygenated bleach
  5. vinyl cleaning agent
  6. water hose
  7. deck brush
  8. hand brush (stiff bristles)
  9. work gloves
  10. ladder
  11. pruning shears
  12. bypass pruners

Prepare A Cleaning Agent And Administer It To Stains

After using waterproof drop cloths to cover property that is next to your home, prepare a cleaning agent by using a hose to fill a bucket of water and adding small amounts of detergent, oxygenated bleach, and a vinyl cleaning agent to the bucket. Briefly stir the cleaning agent components to blend them. Set up a ladder next to your home. 

When treating algae stains, it is a good idea to remove the stains that are located the highest on your home before moving downwards to remove the others to prevent dirty streaks from dripping onto portions of the home that have already been cleaned.

Dip a deck brush into the bucket and climb the ladder. Move the brush back and forth over the mildew streaks. Move the ladder as needed so that you can reach other portions of the siding. If mildew streaks are in crevices that are difficult to reach with the deck brush, dip a hand brush that has stiff bristles into the cleaning solution before treating the stains. 

Rinse Siding And Trim Branches

Rinse the siding off with a steady stream of water. Inspect trees, shrubs, and plants that are growing next to your home. If any trees have long branches that are touching portions of your home, set up a ladder next to the branches before climbing up the ladder to trim the branches with a pair of pruning shears or bypass pruners.

Pruning shears are designed to clip branches at an angle and can be used to trim branches of various thicknesses. Bypass pruners are similar to scissors. They have curved blades that will make clean cuts through thin branches. After trimming tree branches, trim shrubs and plants that are growing close to the siding on your home. Inspect the siding throughout the year and clean vinyl pieces as needed. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Side-Pro, Inc.


20 July 2017

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