The Best Ways To Dispose Of Your Old Hot Water Heater

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Tankless water heaters are much more efficient than other types of water heaters. If you are planning on disposing of an old water heater in order to install a new tankless water heater, you will need to determine what you will do with the older water heater. 

Donate It

If your old hot water heater is still working, the best thing to do with it is to donate it to a charity. The hot water heater could be installed in the home of a low-income family. If the hot water heater is too old or defective, the charity could still use it for parts or recycle it.

Recycle It

While some recycling companies require that you scrap metal yourself, there are other companies that will take your hot water company and scrap it for you. This is an ideal situation if you do not have time to disassemble the hot water heater yourself. Many of these recycling centers will arrange to come pick up your hot water heater. However, they may charge a fee.

Scrap It

If you are more interested in earning a profit from your hot water heater, you will need to disassemble it for parts so that these parts can be sold for scrap metal. The cap part of the heater often has one or two copper parts. Copper is a material that is currently very valuable. There may also be a valuable brass connector. If you are working with an electric water heater, you will want to remove and scrap the heating element. This is made out of copper or stainless steel. There is also an anode that exists for the purpose of protecting the steel from corrosion. If these are still intact, they are made out of magnesium or aluminum and they can be recycled.

Send It To A Landfill

If you are not able to recycle the hot water heater or if you scrap it and still have some parts of the hot water heater left over, you will need to have the hot water heater removed. The rest of the heater will usually go to a landfill. Usually, the landfill company will charge a fee for the hot water heater to be picked up. Also, you can hire a junk removal service. Junk removal services will not only take away the hot water heater, but will also clean up the area around the heater.

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24 February 2017

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