How To Change Your Windows' Weatherstripping

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The windows in your home are probably be going to become leaky and less efficient over the years. This is particularly true with slideable wooden windows. However, you can do a little maintenance on your own to restore the airtight seal on your wooden windows. Most importantly, replacing your weatherstripping can help increase the efficiency of your windows. This article explains how to remove old weatherstripping from wooden windows and replace it with a new felt product.

Removing Your Old Weatherstripping

The most time-consuming part of this job will probably be the removal of your old weatherstripping. When working with wooden windows, you need to be careful not only that you don't scratch the wood, but also that you don't scrape or rub off all of the wood finish. A painter's knife is usually the most effective tool. It is not so sharp that it will scratch the wood, but it should allow you to get underneath the weatherstripping and scrape it away. Often, you will get lucky because the old weatherstripping will peel off very easily, without any tools. However, there is a good chance that your weatherstripping will be stubborn and be stuck to the wood.

All you can really do is be patient and use a little citrus-based cleaner to help get all of the adhesive off of the wood. It is important that you create a surface that is clean and smooth enough for the new weatherstripping to stick to. Another helpful method is to use some fine steel wool to rub down the area and remove any adhesive residence.

Applying the New Weatherstripping

Felt weatherstripping is easiest to apply because it comes in tape form. The trick to applying this style of weatherstripping is to not cut it on every corner. Instead, try to wrap it around the entire window. It is very important that you don't cut at the corners, because this can become an area where air leaks and where the weatherstripping can start to peel up.

While you are changing your weatherstripping, take a close look at the glass panes, particularly where they are caulked into the wood frames. If the caulk is peeling away and the pane is loose, you might want to also re-caulk the pane for an airtight seal. As you can see, this is simple work that doesn't cost much money, and you don't need many special tools. Contact a company like Robert G Miller Inc. to learn more.


10 December 2016

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