What to Do If Something Spills on Your New Carpeting


If you just had brand new carpeting installed in your home, you are most likely concerned about keeping it clean so it retains its new appearance. If something happens to spill upon your carpeting, the proper steps will need to be taken to reduce the chance of staining. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your carpeting looks its best even after a spill.

Remove Any Solid Material First

If the substance that spills on your carpeting has solid portions, such as some soup with vegetables, a can of chunky cat food, or a bowl of cereal, it will be necessary to remove the solid pieces first so you can effectively deal with the liquid part of the spilled material. Remove these chunks by hand with help from a clean piece of cloth. When you pick the pieces up, be careful not to drag them across the carpeting. Pluck them in an upward direction using the cloth to palm them in your hand.

Blot the Spill to Keep It Contained

It is extremely important that you do not rub the liquid part of a spill when trying to remove it from carpeting. If you rub at moisture, it will be pushed into the material of your carpeting further. This action can also cause damage to the fibers your carpet is made from. Instead, use a clean piece of cloth to gently blot the edges of the spilled material. After the edges are blotted, you can blot the middle portion of the spill. This action will keep the spilled substance in one area, removing as much moisture as possible without causing damage to your carpet in the process.

Remove Discoloration with Vinegar

If the liquid you had spilled has discolored your carpet, you may be able to remove staining with assistance from distilled white vinegar. This is safe for most carpeting materials and is even used on delicate Oriental or Persian rugs as it is a natural liquid free of any harsh chemicals that cause damage. Place vinegar inside a spray bottle and mist the stained area. Use another clean piece of cloth to repeat the blotting procedure. These actions can be repeated several times to aid in the removal of the liquid from the carpeting. If the discolored portion does not start to fade after attempts in removing it, call a professional carpet cleaning service immediately to reduce the chance of permanent staining.


29 November 2016

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