Got A New Deep Well Pump? Here Are A Few Things To Know

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That old jet well pump may have served its purpose for quite some time, but when it kicked the bucket, you decided it was time to make a change. Now, sitting deep inside of your water well is a shiny new submersible or deep well pump. The good news is, submersible well pumps are highly preferred among well owners for a lot of good reasons. The bad news? If this is your first experience with a deep well pump, you are bound to feel a little like you are navigating unknown territory. Here is a helpful fact sheet to help you get a little more familiar with your new deep well water pump. 

Submersible well pumps have an extraordinary lifespan and require little maintenance.

One of the biggest selling points of deep well pumps (and very well one that could have encouraged you to make the decision to make the change from a jet pump) is the fact that these little machines can last as long as 25 years. As an added bonus, these well pumps don't really need much TLC or attention at all as long as the water quality in your well is good and sediment levels are fairly low. 

Deep well pumps will not use a lot of electricity. 

You may look at your new deep well pump and assume that the thing must require more power to function than what you are used to, but this is actually not the case. On average, a 1/2-horsepower well pump of just about any type will use approximately $6.96 worth of electrical power for 120 hours of usage through a 30 day period, as calculated by the Runestone Electric Association. If you see a major spike in either direction, it could mean the deep well pump is running more than usual and should be checked out. 

Expect a drastic change in water delivery for the better.

Submersible well pumps are basically a tightly contained unit that sits just below the water level inside of your well. Because this pump is actually in the water, there is no delay time from when the pump kicks in and the water pumping process starts. Because of this, most submersible well pump owners see a major change in their overall water pressure and flow rate, which you are bound to appreciate after dealing with the lagging priming time of a jet pump system. 


27 October 2016

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