Can You Install A Gorgeous Window In The Bathroom Without Exposing Yourself?

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A bathroom without natural lighting can feel dark and confining. It may even make it difficult to find the bathroom relaxing. The question is – can you install a window in your bathroom without exposing yourself to your neighbors? Fortunately, you do have a few options if you need that natural lighting for your bathroom to be perfect.

Use Different Sized Windows and Open Up the Sky

A skylight is a great option if you want natural lighting, but are worried about someone peeping into your window while you are showering. Chances are pretty good no one is going to climb up onto your roof just to look down your skylight and into your bathroom! Even if they did, they likely wouldn't see anything and one of your neighbors would probably call the cops.

You can also take advantage of different sizes and shapes when it comes to installing windows in your bathroom. This will allow you to see the world outside while manipulating the way the sun hits the windows to make it hard for anyone outside of your home to see inside of the window.

Don't Discount Curtains

If you can install a window, you can hang a lightweight curtain over it. This will still allow a lot of natural light to pass in the window, but it will prevent anyone from seeing inside. The option to use lightweight windows is perfect for someone who wants a window to provide natural light directly into the shower.

The biggest thing you have to worry about with curtains in the bathroom is mold and mildew. As long as you wash them on a regular basis, they will last a long time. If you don't like curtains, blinds or interior shutters are other great options.

Shrubbery and Films

You can install just about any window in your bathroom if you strategically work shrubs, trees, and other flowers in your yard in a way that blocks your neighbors from being able to look into your window. With this option, you won't need to place any coverings on the window from the inside, you get to enjoy natural lighting, and you can look outside while in the bathroom.

There are lots of different films you can put over windows as well that will add a little décor while giving you privacy. They come in lots of different patterns from floral to lace and can be the perfect solution to the window in your bathroom. The sun can pass through the films, but they ask as a tint preventing curious eyes from gazing into your window.

Glass Block Windows

For a more modern solution, you might try a glass block window. The blocks allow the light in, but no one can see through them. Glass blocks can be more decorative. 

High Windows

The last, and easiest option, is to just install your windows higher than normal in your bathroom. If your windows are up high, someone would have to be making a rather strong effort to look into the windows.

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6 July 2016

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