Five Ways Seal Coating Can Improve The Appearance Of Your Pavement


Sealcoating, applied with the help of a company like LSC Construction Services, Inc., is not just important for maximizing the durability and longevity of your pavement surface. It's also important for aesthetic reasons.

If your pavement is looking old and worn, sealcoating is the perfect way to revamp it and leave it looking like new. The following are the five aesthetic benefits that sealcoating brings to your pavement surface.

Fills in cracks

Over time, cracks develop in pavement due to structural stresses and exposure to water. If left without repair through sealcoating, these cracks will become larger and more apparent. As they become larger, they become more susceptible to penetration by water.

Sealcoating immediately fills in surface cracks and remedies them before they cause not only aesthetic, but also structural problems. 

Reverses and prevents fading

With time, the surface of pavement will fade in color after exposure to sunlight and to wear and tear. Sealcoating immediately darkens the surface of pavement and leaves it looking like new. 

Smooths out a rough surface

As a pavement surface is subject to wear and tear, it becomes rough and uneven. Loose pebbles, particles, and debris will build up on the surface that will make it appear poorly maintained. Over time, the surface will even become more difficult to drive on.

Sealcoating puts a smooth new layer over the pavement that improves both appearance and functionality. 

Makes surface paint more visible

As the pavement itself begins to fade, it can become more difficult to see paint used to create parking lines and other indicators. If sealcoating is done and lines are repainted, they will become more visible and effective at directing traffic. 

Prevents stains from developing

Pavement surfaces are routinely exposed to a variety of substances that can cause stains. Primary among these substances are gas and oil.

With a sealcoating layer, these substances will be less able to cause stains because they won't be able to penetrate into cracks. 

Makes cleaning easier

It can be hard to keep an old pavement surface that hasn't undergone sealcoating in some time looking clean. Unevenness and cracking in the surface allows debris to build up within the pavement, eventually widening cracks and accelerating wear and tear on the pavement. 

Sealcoating smooths out the surface, sealing up cracks and preventing debris from penetrating the surface. This makes cleaning easier and reduces wear and tear on your cleaning equipment.


4 February 2016

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