Building A New Business In A New Area? Keep It Green And Please The Community

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If you are building a large commercial property in an area where the locals didn't want to see construction, it's important that you build an ecologically friendly building to show the locals that you care. There are a lot of different materials and efficient products you must have in the space, and your contractor can help you make the building as green as possible. Here are few different ideas you want to incorporate when you start to formulate your structural designs.

Cool and Efficient Roofing Systems

The roof on the building is going to be vital to keeping heating and cooling costs down throughout the year, and it can also help protect the environment in the community where you will have this business. Tell the contractor you want metal, concrete tile, slate, or another cool roofing material on the building.

A cool roofing system will lower heating and cooling costs, lower greenhouse gas emissions throughout the year, and the three listed options will be reliable roofing materials that will last for decades on your building.

Geothermal Heat Pump Options

A geothermal heat pump pull heat from the ground inside of the building during cold weather, and pulls heat out of the building to keep the space cool and to remove humidity in the summer. The pump can also heat water for the building. This pump is more efficient than a furnace or air conditioning unit, and can be used with a furnace to help heat the space if needed in areas with cooler climates. The pump is also more efficient than a traditional hot water heater.

Greywater Irrigation for Grounds

Are you going to use a sprinkler to help keep the grounds moist and so you have healthy green grass for the commercial property? If so, consider getting a greywater system that will help you use the water waste from the building to irrigate the land. You can also use the water from rainfall to help water your property or plants around the building.

Building green isn't just going to make the people in the community happier, but it's also going to save you money over time on the utility expenses. Putting these energy efficient options in the building also makes it more valuable when or if you want to sell the business or the property in the future. If you tell your commercial contractor what you want, they can make the building incredibly efficient.


13 January 2016

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