Slow Bathtub Drainage & Getting The Problem Fixed

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Does water sit for several hours in your bathtub before finally draining completely out? The problem may be that something is stuck inside of the bathtub drain, but you may need to get the main sewer line inspected to make sure it isn't clogged up. Find out in this article why water is taking a long time to leave out of the bathtub drain, as well as what can be done about it.

Why Does Water Not Drain Out of a Bathtub Fast?

The most common reason for water to sit in a bathtub for a while is a direct problem with the drain. Being that the bathtub is where many people like to shave their body hair, it does not take much of it to get trapped inside of the drain and cause problems. The hair can flow through the drain for a while and accumulate over time, which forms a clog. A bathtub drain can also become rusty deep within and stop functioning as it should.

When water sits in a bathtub that has a fully functional drain in it, the problem may stem from a main sewer line issue. You may actually notice drainage problems in other plumbing fixtures when the main sewer line is clogged up. It is important for you to get an inspection done by a plumber in case a repair is necessary. A backed up sewer line can lead to sewerage flowing back to your house and flooding it, as it can come up through the drains.

What Can a Plumber Do About a Slow Draining Bathtub?

The first thing that the plumber will do is attempt removing debris from out of the bathtub drain. The debris will be removed manually with the use of tools, but sometimes it is necessary for a pump to be used to send pressure into the drain. If there isn't any debris to remove, the plumber will inspect for rust. He or she may have to install a new drain if there is a lot of rust present.

The plumber will inspect the main sewer line if the bathtub drain is in good shape. He or she will perform the inspection by using a camera that can show what the inside of the pipe looks like. He or she will then use a commercial snake to send debris out of the sewer line. However, your landscape may have to be excavated so the main sewer line can be repaired or replaced if cracks are found in it during the inspection. Don't delay speaking to a plumber about drain cleaning to find out why water sits in your bathtub so long!


14 September 2015

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