3 Ways To Make Your Landscaping More Drought-Friendly

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Did you landscape your yard before the drought set in? Are you getting orders to reduce the amount of water you use for landscaping purposes? If you answered yes to either of those questions, it might be time to make your yard more drought resistant.

You don't have the rip everything out and start from scratch. With a little planning, you can make the landscaping you have more drought-friendly. Here are a few steps to reduce the need for water in your yard:

Rejuvenate the Ground Covering

Take a look at your gardens? Do you have a thick layer of mulch? Or can you see the soil around your plants. If you answered yes to the second question, you may be wasting water. Mulch keeps your soil moist longer. That means you'll need less water to keep your plants healthy. Adding several inches of mulch to your gardens will allow you to use less water.

Reduce the Size of Your Lawns

When you planted your lawn, there was plenty of water to it green. Now that you're dealing with a drought, your lawns are dying. Now's the time to incorporate some drought-resistant design elements into your yard. For instance, if you have expansive lawns, you may want to get rid of some of it.

You don't have to remove all your lawn to accommodate drought conditions. However, removing half your lawn and adding drought-resistant ground covering to the rest of the yard, will allow you conserve water while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your home.

Add a Sprinkler System

Did you know that switching to an automatic sprinkler and drip system can save you water and money? It's true. When you water your yard by hand, you may waste water through run-off and over-watering. When you use an automatic sprinkler and drip system, you have more control over your water. Here's a few reasons why you should update your landscaping to include an automatic watering system.

  • Gives a more even coverage of water
  • Sprinklers can be adjusted to avoid watering your sidewalks and street
  • Timers allow you to monitor the amount of water your lawn receives
  • Drip systems allow you to water your plants without soaking the surrounding soil

Now that you're living with drought restrictions, you need to change the way you look at your yard. Making just a few simple changes can help you conserve water without destroying your yard. The tips provided above will help make your landscaping more drought-resistant. Contact a company such as Cottonwood Landscapes LLC to learn more.


11 August 2015

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