Fix Office Leaks: 3 Ways To Replace Your Business Windows On A Budget

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You can only put off replacing the windows of your small business for so long. Eventually, you will get sick of the leaks, drafts and high energy bills. The failed seals will begin to destroy your property. If you own a restaurant, an office building or a shop in a residential-style building or a more open storefron, there are ways to manage window replacement on a budget.

1) Understand everything you'll need.

Pricing of vinyl replacement windows ranges from reasonable to very expensive. Installation follows the same curve. The best way to get an accurate quote on the job and materials you'll be buying is to have a detailed list of exactly what you expect to be done.

You should take an inventory of all windows. Which will definitely need replacing now? Which can be replaced in the next phase of repair? Take into account the current windows' condition. Are seals cracked? Were the windows the correct size to start? Also note areas that may be at high-risk for break-ins. Your window replacement specialist will have suggestions for security widows in these areas.

Then, make a list of all the windows you want replaced, in order of priority. Include any structural damage near damaged windows that will also need repair.

2) Have a way to prove chain of command.

Some window companies won't inspect your property without knowing who owns your company, who approves purchases and who is liable for billing. This is to protect the contractor and the business from unauthorized work being done.

Have the approval of all parties in your business before taking bids on the job. Don't trust companies who don't insist on having appropriate authority to do a job. They probably won't use the best integrity when installing your windows, either.

A well-trained window professional is worth more, because he or she will install windows safely and correctly. They also help your business qualify for any local or federal rebates on energy-efficient windows.

3) Break up the entire repair into affordable steps.

When you know which windows you will replace, arrange the process into steps if you are on a strict budget. Tackle one floor at a time, or even one room at a time.

Concentrate on your most problematic windows, and work down the list to your least bothersome. This has the added benefit of allowing you to see the performance of a few windows before you commit to an entire building's worth. You'll be able to judge the workmanship of the window replacement crew as well.

Using this approach will cost you a bit more in the long run. As with most construction materials, you can qualify for discounts when you order a large number of windows. But it's more cost-effective to replace a few windows at a time than to continue putting off the repairs indefinitely. This is especially true if your building is being damaged by leaks or your heating and cooling bills are breaking your budget.

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16 April 2015

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