4 Small Plumbing Issues That You Shouldn't Ignore

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Often times there are small plumbing issues or other repairs around the house that are put off because of finances or lack of time. In many cases, putting tiny plumbing tasks on the back burner can lead to larger problems in the future. Calling a plumbing pro to make the necessary repairs will ensure that your home stays safe while functioning properly. Here are few things to look out for in regards to your home's plumbing mechanisms.

Toilet Issues

You may take your toilet for granted. Flushing is a necessity that you may not often think twice about until your toilet doesn't flow properly. If you notice that the tank takes several minutes or longer to fill up, it could be an indication that the main valve going into the toilet is either faulty or clogged with calcium and lime debris.

You may also have a problem with the float stack inside the toilet. This often occurs when the toilet runs constantly and the water just trickles into the holding tank. A plumber may replace the parts or check other sources for low water pressure.

Slow Moving Drains

Anytime a drain in your home is clogged or slow moving, it generally takes a plunger, snake or chemical treatment to restore water flow. But if you've been noticing that more than one drain seems backed up, it may be time to call in a plumber. This could be an indication that there is a clog or blockage within your water or sewage drain lines. Resolving the issue now could prevent a burst pipe that could cause catastrophic damage to the interior of your home.

Low Water Pressure

Have you noticed that the water barely trickles down when you take a shower? This may be caused by poor water flow within your home. If you have city water, check your main water shut off valve to make sure that it is turned all the way to the "on" position. Accidentally tapping this valve, even a few centimeters, can block water flow greatly.

If you have well water, you may have an issue with the pressure control switch or the water pump may not be working effectively. In addition, a buildup of calcium scale inside your water lines can also contribute to low water pressure. A plumbing professional will troubleshoot the water flow inside your home and get to the root of the cause. 

Hot Water Tank Concerns

If your family has been complaining that their shower water gets hotter than usual, or on some occasions too cold, it may be a signal that the hot water tank is about to go out completely. Your hot water tank utilizes a thermostat to control and maintain a certain temperature in your tank at all times. If the thermostat becomes faulty, it can begin to overheat or in some cases, not heat the tank properly.

A plumber can access the tank and make the right repairs. He may recommend a tankless option, which is more energy efficient and offers hot water on demand.

Addressing minor issues now will save you the headache of having to make an emergency call to your plumber in the future.


2 April 2015

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