How To Provide Proper Roof And Attic Ventilation

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Roof and attic ventilation is extremely important, and is something many homeowners forget to pay attention to. With the right ventilation, you are helping to keep out excessive heat during the summer, and reduce moisture in the winter. If you have noticed that your energy bills seem higher and it takes longer to heat or cool off your home, it is probably due to insufficient ventilation of your roof and attic space.

Here are some tips for improving your ventilation system.

Install a Ridge Vent

Your roof must have proper vents, beginning with a ridge vent. This type of vent is most often used on homes that have sloped roofs. It is a long ventilation strip that is installed at the ridge line, which is right at the peak of your roof's slope.

You will first need to cut a strip of roof decking and material on each side of the ridge line, then install the ridge vent in this area. It will provide proper air flow whether or not you have an attic.

Install Soffit Vents

Another type of vent you need for your roofing system is a soffit vent. The soffit is the underside section of your roof's overhang or eaves. This is the perfect place to install vents for additional ventilation. Look at the soffit areas of your roof and make sure there are vents.

If not, you will need to have them installed. These become a main point of entry and exit for proper air flow in and out of your home, which is needed for heating and cooling your home. They can also help to prevent moisture issues in your attic due to restricted air flow.

Get a Whole House Fan

If you have an attic, consider installing a whole house fan. This is a type of fan that is installed in your attic, and provides even air flow throughout your attic and to the rest of your home. The attic often has issues with moisture build-up and extremely hot temperatures.

This can cause you to run your air conditioner for longer periods of time just to cool off the entire home. To avoid this type of issue, get a whole house fan with proper ventilation so that the air is more evenly distributed throughout your home.

If you are still dealing with ventilation issues of your attic or roofing system, contact a roofing contractor. They will inspect your vents and offer their recommendations for improving your ventilation.


23 March 2015

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