3 Things Every Garage Door Owner Should Do

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Your garage door is an important part of your home's structure, because it protects your home from intrusions, allows you easy entry and exit from your home and protects the thermal comfort that you experience inside. When you want to be certain that you are able to take good care of your garage door, there are some crucial guidelines that you should keep in mind. To get the best performance out of your garage door for as long you own your home, consider the following garage door repair and maintenance guidelines that any homeowner can follow. 

#1: Keep The Chain And Track Lubricated

In order for your garage door to move freely whenever you prompt it to lift and close, you'll need to keep the track and chain lubricated. To do this, you should use a commercial grade lubricant, such as WD-40 to do the trick. Using this silicone based lubricant will keep the garage door movements loose without you having to worry about rust or any other disruptions along the way. Failing to lubricate the track will cause the door to break down prematurely and can cause a host of issues that will cost you time and money. 

#2: Test Your Garage Door's Reverse Mechanism Every Single Month

A garage door with a broken reverse mechanism is dangerous, as it can cause injury and even fatality--especially if you have children or small pets in the home. Every garage door manufactured after 1993 is equipped with one of these mechanisms, so you should always be sure that it works. To be on the safe side, test this mechanism monthly, by placing a wood plank on the ground in the center of where the door normally lands. Once the garage door touches the wood, it should automatically begin to reverse course. If it doesn't, contact a garage door repair contractor as soon as possible, and don't use the door until this is fixed. 

#3: Get A Thorough Annual Inspection

Above all, the best thing to do in order to keep your garage door safe and sound is to have it inspected every year. Choose a garage door repair company that is licensed and insured, so that you know for a fact their work and experience are credible. By doing this, you can fix anything that is out of sorts and keep your garage door in working order. 

Adhere to these tips so that your garage door gives you the absolute best performance for as long as you own it. Contact a company like Lake County Door Co for more information.


10 March 2015

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