Limit Interior Water Damage From Within Your Home


Home water damage is not always caused by a flash flood or poor draining outside of your home. Sometimes, the water damage is caused by a failed water line or appliance. Here, you will learn how to prevent internal water damage from happening again in the future.

Watch Your Bills

Keeping an eye on your water bill will help you identify water leaks in the home before they get serious. Check the water usage each month and watch for any increases in the usage. If you see that you are suddenly using more water than you did the month prior, it is time to inspect the house for any signs of water leaks.

Monitor Water Pressure

Buy a water pressure gauge to monitor the water pressure in your home. All too often, homeowners increase the settings on their water system to increase the water pressure at the faucets and in the showers. Ideally, the water pressure in your home should not exceed 80 psi. To test the pressure, attach the gauge to an exterior water fixture and turn the water on all the way. Adjust the pressure settings accordingly.

Inspect Pipes, Fittings and Appliances

You check the batteries in your home smoke alarms twice each year, but do you inspect the plumbing in your home nearly as often? Make it a point to inspect all of the pipes, fittings and appliances at least twice each year for any leaks, cracks or damage. Make any necessary repairs or contact a plumber to assist you in making the repairs.

Tip: If you have a washing machine that is not on a concrete floor, invest in a plastic drip tray for under it. For very little money, you can protect the wood sub-flooring from potential leaks caused by the washing machine or the water lines connected to it.

Restore the Damage Immediately

If you have found water damage in your home, do not put off making the repairs immediately. For best results, contact a professional water damage restoration company like Disaster Specialist. They will pinpoint, remove and repair the damage for you. Failing to identify all of the damaged materials will lead to further wood rot and mold growth.

Water damage can be controlled to a point. Use the tips above and put a stop to interior water damage in your home before the damage is extensive and the mold creates a toxic living environment.


10 February 2015

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