4 Common Problems With Air Conditioning Systems

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If you're going to keep your home cool in the summer without wasting a lot of money, it's vital to ensure that your air conditioning system is operating as efficiently as possible. Over time, your air conditioner can develop a variety of problems, and it's important for you to be able to recognize these problems so you will know when to call in a professional to deal with them. Below are four of the most common issues you will encounter with an air conditioning system.

Leaking Duct Work

One of the primary reasons for wasted energy in a home is leaking duct work. Because duct work is often hidden in ceilings or in walls, poor workmanship or damage can often go unseen. In addition, many homeowners make the mistake of using conventional duct tape to seal the gaps between sections of duct work. This is a bad idea, since ordinary duct tape will eventually just fall off. It's better to use a mastic or a metallic foil tape. Not only will leaking duct work result in energy loss, it will also let moisture, particulates, chemicals and allergens into your home.

Dirty Coils

Your air conditioning system doesn't add "coolness" to the air. Instead, it works by removing heat. An air conditioner uses refrigerant inside coils to extract heat from the air inside your home and transfer it to the air outside. But in order for these coils to do this effectively, they have to be free of dust, dirt and debris. All of these particulates can combine with moisture to form a slimy layer on your air conditioning coils that will reduce the efficiency of the heat transfer process. Make sure that the coils (both inside and outside your home) that perform this heat transfer process are always kept clean.

Damaged Condenser Fan

The fan in your air conditioning system works with your system's coils to remove heat from your home. These coils act like a radiator on a car, and if your system's fan isn't operating properly, it won't blow enough air across the coils for your system to effectively cool your home. The result will be that you will be uncomfortable and faced with high energy bills. Have a professional check your condenser fan on a yearly basis to ensure that it's well lubricated, clean and that the belt doesn't need replacing.

TXV Problems

The TXV (or thermal expansion valve) modulates pressure inside your air conditioning system's coils. It's often the case that during very high temperatures, your coils would become less effective as the temperature causes changes to the pressure of the refrigerant. The purpose of the TXV is to adjust this pressure so that the air conditioning system can continue to operate properly. When this valve fails, you can see significant reductions in both cooling and energy efficiency.

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28 January 2015

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