Flickering Lights: What Causes Them To Flicker In Every Room In A Home

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Are lights flickering in each room of your home? You may be dealing with an electrical emergency that requires the wiring or service conductors to be inspected and repaired. In this article, you will find out about the cause of flickering lights and what an electrician can do to help.

What Can Cause Lights to Flicker in Every Room in a Home?

The electrical wiring in your home may be damaged if you have lights flickering in every room, especially if you live in an old house. One of the signs of poor electrical wiring is the sound of popping each time that a light is turned on, or when electronics are plugged into outlets. Another sign of bad electrical wiring is when the circuit breakers continually turn off, which is known as tripping. Don't keep turning the circuit breakers back on because they are tripping to alert you of a potential fire hazard.

Loose service conductors are another possible reason why your lights are flickering. The conductors are the long electrical wires that run from the street poles to your home, which are responsible for give you electricity. Loose conductors can cause lights to flicker because of the unregulated amount of volts flowing through them. Sometimes loose service conductors can release too many volts into your home, while they can also release only a few. Failure to get the problem fixed can lead to your home catching on fire.

What Can an Electrician Do to Help with Flickering Lights?

If an electrician believes that the electrical wiring in your home is responsible for the flickering lights, he or she will use a multimeter to test it. The multimeter can be used in electrical outlets to determine how many volts are flowing through them. Inspecting for bad wiring may also involve removing outlet covers or light fixtures to do a visual inspection. The electrician  from a place like All American Air & Electric, Inc. will look for wires that are frayed or melted.

If loose service conductors are the problem, you may want to call the local electricity company before hiring your own electrician. It is possible that the electric company will send someone out to make repairs to the damaged conductors without you having to pay for it. However, you can hire your own electrician to tighten the loose wires up if you desire to do so. Make sure flickering lights are taken care of fast to prevent your home from burning down!


23 December 2014

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